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Tiny Little Pieces Of Perfection...

In life, it's the little things that count,
Those tiny bits of perfection that astound.
Each facet and feature, a symphony to see,
Every last detail, an unexpected glee.

Dive into the wristband's cool pops of hue,
Balanced by Zebrawood, warm and wild, so true.
Crafted with love and meant to be adored,
Color Nueve, this timepiece was created for you.

So let its beauty, grace, and charm unfold,
Every detail, its story yet untold.
Embrace the complexities of life with style,
With this timepiece on your wrist, forever be beguiled.

Band Length: 
9.84 Inches (25 cm)
Band Material:
Zebrawood & Ebony
Band Width: 
0.86 Inches (22 mm) 
Case Material:
Mixed Wood
Case Thickness:
0.47 Inches (11.5 mm) 
Dial Diameter:
1.73 Inches (44 mm)
56 g

Products are handcrafted so please allow 5-13 days for orders to arrive, though orders sometimes do arrive sooner. An order is not considered late until 25 days. If the order does not arrive within 25 days a refund will be issued and you can keep your order when it arrives. 


  • One-year movement guarantee. 
  • Due to the holiday shopping season, delivery is slower than usual. 
  • The watch is made from natural bamboo or wood and is wrapped by hand, so it may have some natural harsh lines and a few blemishes. 
  • The bamboo or wood watches are ordered in batches, and the natural colors are slightly different from each other, the watches may have some color difference.